Shan Ye Resume 


I have been doing outreach and popsci writings in China for several years. I am in collaboration with several Chinese magazines, publishing houses and online platforms for outreach works. Topics of my outreach are mainly on geoscience and GIS but also include human geography, historical geography and others. My outreach articles and interviews on Chinese media (ebooks excluded) have reached 5 million views combined since January 1st 2018 (no statistics available for view counts before that date). I have hosted live or recorded outreach talks on various online platforms in China on topics of geology, geography and map design. I have also been invited to talk in communities and local primary/secondary schools to popularize geoscience among general public and also have (co-)organized multiple workshops on GIS, social science research and web mapping in Michigan and Oklahoma.

Hometown and Early Years

I was born in Chongqing, a hidden megacity on the bank of Yangtze River in the mountainous southwestern China, and moved to Beijing at the age of 13. There are lots of karst and structural landforms, including some well-known sink holes, fold belts, deep gorges, caves and natural bridges, in suburban area of Chongqing, and my interests in geosciences might be triggered by those geological attractions. I spent one year at Bashu Secondary School in Chongqing before trasferring to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University in Beijing, where I learned to use ArcGIS software for the first time. Since then I have developed my strong interests in cartography and spatial analysis. I finished my senior high school at Beiing No.4 High School where I was formally introduced to GIS in one of my elective classes.


I was an indie songwriter in China and have recorded many pop/folk music demos. You may check out some of my demos on the 163 Cloud Music or Douban Musicians websites. I also received trainings on piano performing for more than 10 years and received the Level 10 Piano Performing Certification issued by Chinese Musicians Association in 2005.

Social Networks

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